Dealing with acne breakouts, sun spots, scars, wrinkles and discolouration on the face can be particularly difficult in many cases. It is inevitable that, at certain times, the skin is quite prone to sensitivity and breakouts, whether it is due to increased stress, changes in diet or hormones. However, customised facial rejuvenation treatments can make specific conditions more manageable while keeping these skin flare-ups to a minimum. Fortunately, there has been a recent increase in non-surgical skin treatments that work to restore the skin’s smooth appearance and even out skin tone, preventing further acne breakouts, fine lines, wrinkles and scarring.

Our skin is a complex structure and in some cases it may not respond to the care routine. If despite your skin care efforts, the desired results are not being achieved, then perhaps specialised facial rejuvenation treatments are an excellent option. Depending on what you want to improve, how long you want the treatment to last, and how quickly you want to get back to your daily activities, there are many different options available. Listed below are some of the most popular non-invasive facelift treatments that offer spectacular results.

Hyaluronic Acid

Injectable hyaluronic acid is primarily used to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As the skin undergoes the effects of ageing, it becomes thinner and more susceptible to sagging and wrinkling. The solution to restoring volume loss is offered by hyaluronic acid, which is injected into the area in need of renewal through a tiny needle. Ideal application areas are the lips, forehead, cheekbones and the area around the eyes. Hyaluronic acid injections improve the appearance of the skin and offer youthful and radiant skin.

Neurotoxin Treatment

Neurotoxin treatment is one of the most popular facial rejuvenation treatments. It is carried out by injecting a neurotoxin into areas where expression wrinkles are found, inhibiting the movement of the muscles responsible for the formation of these wrinkles. In this way, an improvement of fine lines and wrinkles on the face is achieved. Neurotoxin treatment is usually injected into the frown lines, the crow’s feet around the eyes and the neck.

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is one of the most popular facial rejuvenation treatments to improve the appearance of the skin. It is indicated for the treatment of skin issues such as sun spots, acne marks and scars, melasma, wrinkles, while generally improving the tone, texture and brightness of the skin. Chemical peels range from mild to more powerful and it is important that they are carried out by an expert. A chemical solution is applied to the skin to begin removing the top layer. Once this top layer is removed, the skin underneath will appear younger, even and brighter.

Autologous Mesotherapy

Autologous Mesotherapy is performed by injecting fresh plasma full of growth factors produced from the patient’s own blood. To begin the process, a blood sample is taken from which the plasma and platelets are separated to create the sample. Microneedles are then used to inject the material back into the skin, promoting collagen production. This process enhances skin cell regeneration and collagen production. In this way it therefore improves the quality and appearance of the skin, as it increases its volume, improves its texture while at the same time reducing sagging and fine wrinkles.