Lifting Threads

Until recently, the only way to treat problems caused by sagging facial skin was through facelift surgery. However, not everyone is willing or able to undergo surgery. The needs of these people are met by the non-invasive and painless method of lifting threads.

Thread lift aesthetic treatment is performed by placing absorbable sutures under the skin to create a gentle but visible lift. This has the effect of slightly pushing the skin back, lifting and tightening the face. In addition to this, the treatment has a second effect. The threads simultaneously fight ageing by triggering the body’s healing response. The body detects the suture material and stimulates the production of a significant amount of new collagen in the areas where the threads have been placed.

By placing thin, absorbable lifting threads under the skin, the skilled aesthetician can tighten the skin around the forehead, neck or torso. The thread grips the underlying tissue and muscle as it stretches, causing an immediate visible lifting of the skin. In this way, support is provided to the skin tissues and parts of the face where the threads have been placed subcutaneously are straightened.

The application of threads is indicated both for dealing with relaxation in the face area, and for dealing with the signs of ageing in the neck area and the rest of the body. It is used to restore premature sagging of the skin of the neck, while it is successfully applied to the chest, arms, abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

A person who is just beginning to notice the signs of ageing can greatly benefit from the gentle effects of lifting threads. The procedure is performed painlessly and bloodlessly with local anaesthesia, allowing individuals to immediately return to their daily activities. The threads are absorbed within 6-8 months and their effect can reach 1.5-2 years, depending on the degree of relaxation that existed previously. The staff in our clinic is properly trained and specialises in the field of aesthetic medicine.