Molecular Blood Test

Molecular biology blood test is performed with the aim of investigating gene-hereditary factors and diseases, which require highly accurate results. Molecular biology tests are not included in the general check-up tests, which are repeated on a regular basis, as their goal is to identify diseases and treat them.

Molecular biology blood test includes:

  • The analysis of genomic DNA.
  • Testing for chromosomal abnormalities, known as karyotyping.
  • Testing for molecular karyotype, which concerns the prenatal diagnosis of chromosome abnormalities.
  • Prenatal check for chromosomal abnormalities, which is related to chromosomes abnormalities that can lead to Down syndrome.
  • Non-invasive prenatal testing, which offers great reliability for the detection of specific genetic syndromes.
  • Virological – microbiological DNA analyses, concerning viruses and intracellular parasites, such as wart virus, CMV infection, chlamydia and microbiomes. These parasites can affect the reproductive process and create complications.
  • Test for genetic cancer predisposition.
  • DNA test for kinship testing.
  • PCR molecular test for the detection of the Covid-19 virus.

Molecular biology tests are very important to identify carriers, which can transmit diseases to their offspring, thus reducing their occurrence rate, while contributing to their treatment. Therefore, these examinations, since they are very specific, are carried out only with the recommendation of a specialised doctor, always in collaboration with the appropriate genetic laboratory. In our clinic, the training and many years of experience of our staff can guarantee a successful and valid diagnosis.