DEXA Lipometry method is one of the most widespread and reliable technologies for measuring fat and body composition. DEXA technology, in addition to measuring bone mineral density, provides comprehensive, accurate measurements of total body fat percentage, along with segmental distribution of body fat in areas such as the arms, legs, waist and hips.

DEXA body composition measurement technology provides by far more comprehensive and accurate information, than any other weight or body fat measurement tool. The results can be used to track not only changes in weight, but also fat lost or gained compared to total muscle mass. It also provides measurements of a person’s visceral fat, muscle mass and metabolic rate.

With the DEXA Lipometry method, the inclusiveness of visceral fat in the waist area can be estimated. Abdominal or visceral fat consists an issue of particular concern, because it is a major risk factor for a variety of health problems to a greater extent than subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat is located deep in the abdominal cavity, filling the spaces between the abdominal organs. Last but not least, DEXA technology provides bone mineral density measurements, which measures bone mass and density.

The DEXA method measures body fat distribution, total body fat percentage, fat mass index, visceral adipose tissue, lean tissue such as organs and muscles with high accuracy rates. That is, it also measures the percentage of loss or gain of muscle mass, while at the same time it offers results of measuring body fat per specific area of ​​the body and categorises the body type based on the android or female model.

DEXA Lipometry method provides important data for analysing body composition. In this way it helps patients, coaches and nutritionists track the results of diet and exercise in an accurate way. It helps to establish a baseline before starting a new exercise or diet program, while helping to track muscle growth and body fat loss, as well as monitor the progress and effectiveness of diet and exercise programs. In our clinic there is also a diet & nutrition department, which can give you health and nutrition advice, as well as monitor you throughout the period when you are trying to lose excess fat.

In order to perform the procedure, the person concerned must not wear clothes that contain any metal details or accessories, such as buttons or zippers. Before the DEXA Lipometry method, weight and height measurement is performed. Then, the examinee lies on a bed and the scanning stars, while remaining still. This procedure approximately lasts 10 minutes. The amount of radiation emitted is very low, however women who are pregnant, should consult their doctor before undergoing this procedure. The results are extracted instantly and the patient receives a detailed report.