Facial Cleansing

Deep facial cleansing is an essential skincare treatment for all skin types and all ages. The main goal of the treatment is to remove dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum from the skin. Simply put, it helps the skin regain its freshness.

In our clinic, it is carried out with absolute safety, and attention on detail. Very often, it is the first step in a treatment plan, especially in cases where a woman or man is suffering from some type of acne. In addition, it is indicated for people who want a simple, quick and effective skin rejuvenation treatment.

Two to three weeks after the deep facial cleansing, internal functions such as oxygenation, hydration and detoxification are noticeably improved, while at the same time the skin acquires the glow and health it previously lacked.

How is it performed?

The deep facial cleansing takes about 2 hours in total depending on the type of skin and how intense the problems that have appeared on it are. The process does not require any preparation and includes exfoliation, sebum removal and skin care.

More specifically, the main stages are the following:

  • Removing makeup using makeup remover
  • Mechanical or acid peeling, depending on the needs of the skin
  • Use of steam by an expert to open the pores.
  • Opening the pores with finger pressure, with the aim of extracting sebum.
  • Securing skin antisepsis with the help of high-frequency currents.
  • Application of a face mask, according to the needs of each skin.
  • Application of moisturizing, regenerating and sun protective cream.

How often should it be done?

The frequency with which deep facial cleansing should be performed depends on the skin type. Based on this data, the following general facts emerge:

Normal skin: 1 time per year

Combination skin: 2-3 times per year

Dry skin: Every 1 to 2 years

Oily skin: Every 2-3 months

Acne-prone skin: Every 20-30 days, until acne is restored.

What are the benefits?

Beyond the hygiene part, deep facial cleansing is associated with a number of benefits. The main ones are:

  • The removal of dark spots
  • The smoothing of the skin
  • The hydration & glow of the face
  • The improvement of the absorbency of the skin which makes it easier to apply skin cosmetic products.

What should we know?

Deep facial cleansing can be done regardless of age and gender. The treatment can be carried out without worry throughout the year, including summer.

What do we do after the treatment?

Usually after the treatment there is a mild skin irritation due to the perfusion, which subsides within the next hour. On the same day, we avoid sweating and not touching dirty towels or surfaces. It is also recommended to avoid using make-up.

Sunbathing is avoided and facial sunscreen must be used for 15 days.

Another basic tip is the regular cleaning of the skin, morning and night. In the morning to eliminate the toxins secreted by our skin during the night and in the evening to remove atmospheric pollutants and makeup, if present.