Diet & Nutrition Department

The main factors that have a significant influence on health are diet, daily habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption and exercise, environmental and hereditary factors. Nutrition is the most important for maintaining health, maintaining the good condition of the body, while protecting it from the appearance and development of many diseases. By modifying and improving eating habits i.e. following a balanced diet, health is maintained. Our diet & nutrition department takes care of ensuring health by providing advice on nutrition as well as specialised dietary programs according to each need.

In cases of increased body weight, fully personalised nutrition programs are formulated to achieve weight loss. A successful weight loss depends primarily on the diet and nutrition plan that is personalised according to the needs of each person concerned. Weight loss is indicated in cases of increased body weight or obesity, i.e. in cases where the weight exceeds the limit considered healthy. This over time may lead to a number of chronic health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer.

To prevent all these unpleasant situations, full guidance is provided to formulate a completely personalised nutrition plan, which will be fully harmonised with the lifestyle, personal needs and goals of each person. Each nutritional plan provided by our diet & nutrition department is formulated after the appropriate measurements, such as the DEXA lipometry. In this way, the experienced partners in the dietetics-nutrition department have a complete picture of the characteristics of each interested party in order to adapt each dietary plan to the needs of each person.

At the same time, nutritional programs are formulated both for athletes and for children or teenagers. As for sports nutrition programs, a complete and personalised program is recommended in the right quality, quantity and in a certain time frame of intake, in order to ensure health and maximize sports performance. The program is constantly modified depending on the training period he is in and the goals he wishes to achieve. It is important to take in a sufficient amount of calories depending on the type of sport, intensity, duration and frequency of training.

Children and adolescents also need a balanced diet to ensure their health, to prevent childhood obesity and chronic diseases in the future and to enhance their physical and mental development. That is why it is very important to adopt a balanced and healthy diet as early as possible.