What is Facial Dermapen?

Dermapen is the ideal treatment for skin regeneration, fighting wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars and the best anti-aging ally! It also fights discolorations and freckles and increases collagen production, thus offering a better look and texture of skin without marks and discolorations!

It has a short recovery time (from 1-3 days), while with each application the result becomes even better!

Dermapen’s philosophy is based on the body’s natural function to produce collagen and elastin to heal skin injuries.

Dermapen is a device that looks like a pen, in the tip of which there are many small and thin needles.

So, with the Dermapen, many small punctures are created in the skin, while at the same time, the mesotherapeutic material is placed, which differs in each case as we place the analogue based on the needs of each skin.

Each mesotherapeutic material is of course rich in vitamins, amino acids, collagen, etc. which nourishes the skin, rebuilds, regenerates, and rejuvenates for weeks to come. There is still the possibility to apply autologous material (blood) as in autologous mesotherapy!

A few reasons to prefer Dermapen in our clinic!

  • Competitive price
  • Fast and excellent result
  • Certified mesotherapeutic materials
  • Experienced staff

Because we love seeing the dazzling results of our sessions on you too!