Prenatal check up is a matter of utmost importance, because its results are decisive for the development and progress of the pregnancy. Due to the fact that many diseases are transferred from the mother to the fetus, the health status of the prospective mother must be checked at a primary stage. This can be achieved to an important extent by carrying out certain microbiological tests, which can be conducted even before the conception process, with the aim of prevention.

Prenatal check up – The blood tests therefore required are:

  • General blood test.
  • Test to detect the blood group to which the expectant mother belongs.
  • Blood sugar levels.
  • Urea and creatine levels.
  • Hemoglobin electrophoresis levels, which check the amount of hemoglobin in the blood and identify abnormal types of hemoglobin.
  • Screening for Hepatitis B and C.
  • Testing for the AIDS virus (HIV).
  • Antibody test for rubella virus.
  • Testing for antibodies to the Varicella virus.
  • Testing for antibodies against Toxoplasma.
  • Antibody test for the Cytomegalovirus virus.
  • Check for the existence of Listeria bacteria.
  • Test for Thyroid hormone.
  • Check for the existence of the Syphilis bacteria.
  • Screening for the existence of Fibrocystic Disease, which is related to gene mutations.
  • General urine test.

However, in addition to the above microbiological and hematological tests, the prospective mother must also undergo a number of gynaecological tests, such as the Pap test and the culture of vaginal fluids to identify pathogens. Also, pregnancy ultrasounds and invasive diagnostic tests are performed during pregnancy to confirm the good health of the fetus and its smooth development.

The results of prenatal tests nowadays can provide highly accurate information, making pregnancy safer for both mother and baby. However, depending on the age of each woman and her medical history, the type and quantity of examinations may vary, always adapted to the particular needs of each case. Therefore, regular visits to the doctor and adherence to his advice should not be omitted under any circumstances. In our polyclinic, all the above examinations, the prenatal check-up, are carried out by our staff who are highly qualified with long experience in the field.